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Date Topic Attendance
December, 2015 Holiday Party
November, 2015 TBD
October 27, 2015 Central Ohio ASHE Luncheon during the Ohio Transportation Engineer’s Conference
September 23, 2015 ODOT Kickoff with District Deputy Directors
Howard Huebner, District 3;
Allen Biehl, District 4;
Myron Pakush, District 12
May 13, 2015 GCRTA Little Italy Station
Joseph Shaffer and Paul Volpe
April 15, 2015 ASHE National President Samir Mody, PE
No List Available
March 19, 2015 Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission
Dennis Albrecht, PE
January 21, 2015 Cleveland Metroparks Program Update
Brian Zimmerman, Cleveland Metroparks

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